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Gorath's Lab

15 October 1985
I am a 20 FTM something self proclaimed artist living in Pennsylvania. I live with my three loves, Scales, Yorgy and Z. I am bi polyamorous, but closed. We are all furries.

Slipstreme the sabretooth and Gorath the great horned owl are my personal characters.

My art galleries contain (mostly) furry artwork.

I have become a total Bleach nut. I also really like Hellsing, vampires in general (except the Twilight kind), quite a few various animes, a few video games (While I am into the gamer/ computer geek community Im not much of a gamer), DDR, Mythbusters and Alton Brown.

I still consider myself a Star Trek, Farscape and Lexx fan, and like science fiction in general.

What to expect here: Random humor, Bleach Art and Writings (my only current active fandom save furry) mostly focusing on Ulquiorra, Szayel, Grimmjow, Il Forte, some Division 12 and the occasional RL rant (friends only)

Yes there are a lot of adult themes here, and most of it is dark. I tried to write fluffy vanilla before and it still ended up on the dark side.

What will not be on this page: Shota/Loli (except in vague references to the Grantz brothers having done stuff as teens) or fecal matter. No. Just no.