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Cause it has come to my attention I now have enough stuff to start doing this. Pay attention to the warnings! View at your own risk.

Note: This is for Bleach fanfic and pictures only!!!

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See Ya on Dreamwidth

Well since Russia decided to go and start deleting gay stuffs on LJ, you can find me, any of my future writing and the like over on Dreamwidth. I'll probably port over my ME stuff, though not sure about the Bleach stuff. Only if I still consider it good writing, heh...

It's essentially the same as LJ (hence my ignoring it for so long) minus the hatred.


I'm expecting this account to be summarily banned at some point, all because I'm transgender, have a poly family and like teh cock....sad...

*scratches Russia off my vacation bucket list*

Guess What we Got? *Cuteness overload*


We adopted him from the home down the street. His parent's daughter was seriously allergic so we took him, literally the day his mom was right about to take him to the Humane Society.

We've seen him every so often during our walks and petted him through the fence wondering what breed he was. So I asked and found out the above fact. So we took him in, right before I had to go back to work.

Name is Terry, which I found out today is short for Terrence (her son, who was the primary caretaker, came to visit).

Second image is what his colors actually look like.

2013-08-08 14.45.22
2013-08-08 14.44.49

Breed: Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix, referred to as a "Pom-Chi" or "Chia-Pom"

I keep hearing he looks like a German Shepard pup or a Fox.

Serena, the Cat is NOT AMUSED!!!! She has declared war on his ass every time he is near her, though all he wants to do is say hi.


Hurts my brain!! If any of you fine fellows have any tips for this super NOOB please let me know.

My Current Focus:
C++ (which I'm back into trying to get to the hang of)
Python (which the free class I found that is recommended for people learning programming "Program Design" is using)

A while ago I tried Octave and briefly looked into Javascript.
Also tried learning VBasic, got myself a nice book that's a couple years old

The problem I keep running into is that while blocks of code now make sense to me, I can't quite get a handle on actually making code or knowing which commands to use in any given situation. Is this something programmers learn as they go along or is there something fundamental to how a program works that I am missing? IE: I don't know how to "talk" to my retarded child (the computer) in a precise enough way for it to understand what I want it do.

I know I should probably join a forum on Stack Overload or something, but I really don't want to get involved in yet another social site...

Mass Effect Fanfic Index

Links to them in the kinkmeme because I am a lazy bastard and don't want to go through the trouble of posting them all as separate posts here.

I'm sure you will notice a theme: Mostly Porn, Mostly M/M, mostly turian, lots of MShepard/Garrus. Hope you enjoy.

Lesson Learned Through Time Nihlus/Saren, simulated Shepard/Saren
Hook Suspension, Piercing, bondage, Non-Con, images of War and Death, simulated turian>>human transformation, Possible Metaphysical/Theological triggers
Spoilers for Mass Effect: Evolution comic series by Mac Walters and Mass Effect: Revelation book by Drew Karpyshyn
Originally called "Post Mortem" or "After Death", but the LAST thing I wanted people to think was Necro.
Nihlus teaches Saren a lesson during their afterlife. I hope it is fairly obvious why I couldn't call it "Afterlife"!

First Time for Everything Shepard/Solana Vakarian
Yes my first was actually straight.
The prompt: What if turians had cloacas instead of penis/vagina? Requested M Human and F Turian in response to a previous prompt that asked for the reverse. Also, this is probably the first (and only) time there won't be some form of kinky stuff happening in my work. It is very vanilla.

(Prey)/Mine! M/M
Unprompted: A very dominant aggressive Garrus/MShep. Contains bloodplay, biting, some erotic asphyxiation and mild humiliation. This has links to future fics, but they are in progress.
READ THE WARNINGS before you go on.

This Again.... Garrus/MShepard
OP requested LI finds out about Shepard's past rape, tries to pity him/plot revenge and Shepard sets him straight.
Same Shepard from "Prey" and "Night Watch" Includes caning with a Nightstick,insertion of said Nightstick and erotic asphyxiation of the "huge cock in the the throat variety".

Night Watch with the Commander Garrus/Victus/MShepard; Victus/Garrus
(I know it's posted right below here.)
Garrus and Victus hatch a plan to make sure the Commander gets to sleep tonight. Continuation of the same relationship in Prey. Contains: double fisting, double anal; Later; some vent fucking, face fucking and frotting.

Cockslut Nihlus Very much Porn! Nihlus/Various Males including a hanar
Finally, what started as a minifill that has become a three part epic.
Second part contains some bondage, humiliation, dubcon. Though there is a trigger warning for Pallin beating Nihlus in second part that I didn't expect would be that bad since it isn't very long, but there's a warning nonetheless. Also, he gets a little friendly with a hanar later on so keep an eye on the title changes if that isn't your thang.

Third installment will be in separate meme since it is plot-filled and its own story.

Shorter stories

Necessary Evil Garrus/Phantom M/F
Non-Con to consensual
OP requested anything between Garrus and a Cerberus phantom. Anon came up with the idea of his penis breaking her indoctrination. I expanded on that idea.


Elcor/Female Turian Porn
Where the OP requested anything Elcor. He's big and there is a lot of cum, so there's vaginal stretching and cumflation. Also mention of a previous pregnancy.

Porn Night on the Normandy MShepard/Garrus
The OP requested Shepard hosts porn night and Garrus is surprised at his collection of turian porn. There may be an addition to this, but I haven't even heard back from the OP yet.

No Time for Love Victus/Corinthus; onesided Victus/Garrus
War with the Reapers is brutal. There isn't much time for love. Mutual Masturbation. Mentions of the horrors of war.

Responsibility Safe For Work!!
The OP requested Shepard having to deal with his/her LI's death on the battlefield, Was going to also do a MShep/Jack fill for her, set in ME2-ME3 but never got around to it.
This one is MShep/Garrus set during the final rush in London.

A Day in the Life Adult imagery but nothing explicit so kind of safe for work?
OP requested a fill that featured species differences causing errors in communication. I did a short fill on the turian bartender at Dark Star. (Though I've come up with better ideas involving mission critical comm errors, but only after doing this silly one)

Got several in progress too.

Huge Mass Effect Journal Entry

because there is too much that I have already had to think about. Haven't finished it yet though, so more later probably.

If you haven't played this game, PLAY THIS GAME! If you don't like shooters, play this game! The third person view makes it a whole lot easier on sour stomachs (like mine) and the RPG elements make up for it. You also pick two comrades that follow you around and help shoot stuff during missions (they get smarter as the series goes along, they are mainly cannon fodder in the first game though). If you don't like story though, that is a whole other matter. This game series is BIG on story and if you like looking for it, BIG on fluff and random factoids.

The following reads as if you've already played and know what is happening. I'm not going to replay plot since that is only going to make this entry longer.

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So yeah TLDR. Sorry for that.
Should probably make this private but eh.
Probably more insights after I finish the game.

Getting Tired of All the Spam

Seriously LJ, wtf?

The only comments to any of my entries lately have been utter trash. Thanks a lot.

Don't know if that means I need to start blocking the bots or reporting them. Don't really know if anyone will care if I do.

I don't care about Cialis. I could care less about Viagra. I don't speak Russian, and when I do get Russian comments that ammount to small sentences I do try to translate via Google and try pitifully to reply, probably sounding like some backwoods 2 year old when I do, but when I get textblock of Russian plus random link the only thing I can think is Spam.

Anyone else gotten this crap lately?

Weight Loss Update

I am a shy 21 lbs (9.52 kg) away from my new goal of 145lbs (65.77kg).

Losing weight is a double-edged sword.

Like many I hoped I would avoid the "too much skin" phase of the weight loss process and now I am a medium-large stuck in an extra-large skin suit. For the past two weeks I've laid off my diet hoping to maintain my weight and give myself time to "adjust" so to speak and see what happens later six months down the road. I still look a hell of a lot better than I did fatter and wouldn't change it in the world; entered the phase I consider cute-pudge in others.

Though, I'm still losing weight, slightly; even after going almost six days without any major exercise (took extra work so haven't had time) and eating practically anything I wanted (staying around 1800 to 2300 cal. Today I blew it at a potluck though).

I never in my life thought it could be hard to eat more food!
There have been days I felt way too stuffed and uncomfortable. It's hard to believe I habitually ate this way for years.

So for now I'm waiting and hoping that in the long run, I can avoid needing yet another costly cosmetic surgery done to me in the future.

At the same time though, I fear gaining back what I lost.

Total weight loss: 109 lbs (49.44kg) from 275 lbs (124.73kg).
Current Weight: 166.4 lbs (75.47kg).